My goldie, Blue and I took several classes with Tricia and Blue fell in love with her! We were preparing for therapy dog training, which involves a pretty intensive test and Tricia made learning all the steps so easy and stress-free! Tricia is always super positive and before you know it, little accomplishments turn into big ones. I am confident that in two weeks, Blue and I will pass our therapy dog test! Thank you Tricia!!!

I have worked with Tricia for the past 15 months training my two pups from the time that I got them each at 3 months of age. She is a fantastic trainer and I have learned so much and my dogs adore her. She is a very good natured person, and I look forward to working with her now that she is working independently in her own business. She is all about letting our dogs think!

Tricia is as good as gold. Our rescue cattle dog would not be as confident as she is if Tricia did not come into our lives. She has such a smart, loving approach to dog training. We are so thankful for Tricia!

Tricia is AMAZING. When we lived in New York she developed the most adorable little bond with my dog Chloe. We miss her now that we're in Florida!

Mindy K.

When I first realized my female standard poodle Miss Yvette would benefit from socialization and training, I became frustrated because she would not allow her previous 2 trainers within 6 feet of her.
Then we met Trish. What was instantly apparent was that Trish acknowledged and appreciated Miss Yvette’s quirks and personality and worked with them as opposed to trying to change them. Trish also appreciates the importance of developing a relationship not only with the dog but the owner.
Too many of the larger training facilities in the area maintain the philosophy of “all trainers are equal” as well as the “cookie cutter” method of training.
If you want the optimal training/learning experience for you and your dog, look no further than Trish and Your Thinking Dog.

Janine & David R

Our family loves Tricia and Your Thinking Dog! The positive approach works wonderfully for our reactive and shy pup, Auggie. He adores his sessions and is gaining new skills and learning how to handle new situations like greeting other dogs!